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-2017-Nov-02 13:29

How to Escape Reality in 10 Simple Steps

This page is a collection of sources used for the research during my webresidency at Schloss Solitude and ZKM in April 2017. I used it to gather online sources of industry and governmental documents from the eighties regarding issues of public concern such as second hand smoke, global warming, acid rain, the hole in the ozone layer and the Strategic Defense Initiative. The resulting essay can be found here

As part of the research for the essay "How To Escape Reality in 10 Simple Steps" I've begun to collect strategies used in the eighties to manipulate public opinion. I will link each strategy to specific uses of them by different branches of industry and government. To bring the strategies to life I will look for parts of documents that put the sometimes abstract strategies into words.

I've created a collection of documents that illustrate the 10 strategies. Some documents link to a page with background information on how the strategy was applied.

This document will grow and expand in the coming weeks, as I am sifting through the many documents and books available on the topic of manipulation of public opinion.

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