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The 10 Strategies

On this page, I'll collect strategies used to manipulate public opinion in the eighties. The number 10 is a guideline... The overarching strategy being to maintain scientific doubt and deny scientific evidence that might interfere with your ambitions.

#1: Cherry pick data, focussing on the unexplained or anomalous cases

To succesfully foster the idea of scientific uncertainty, focus all the attention on unexplained phenomena, the exceptions to the rule, the anomalies. Scientific research is always open to scrutiny. Especially good scientific research, that is peer reviewed, has the obligation to take into account the limits of current knowledge, potential weaknesses in models, uncertainties that are an unavoidable part of any research.


#2:Collaborate with scientists holding views that are in line with your agenda

When 99% of scientists agree on a certain topic, there is always that 1%... lone wolfs that take an entirely original, and unorthodox stand. Seek them out and collaborate with them. They are invaluable as experts that can represent your views in the media. Another amazing benefit is that they can perform as experts in court, saving you a lot of money in lawsuits. Of special interest are newly retired scientists with impressive track records.


#3: Manufacture debate

Convince the media to present both sides of a story. Remind journalists of the 1949 Fairness Doctrine, requiring them to present matters of public concern in a balanced matter, making sure each side of a topic is fairly represented. Don't focus on how 'fair' or 'unfair' it is, focus on equal representation.


#4: Manufacture facts

Don't wait for other parties to come up with research data that might hurt your agenda, produce your own! Fight science with science.


#5: Aggressively disseminate the facts you manufactured

Keep spamming journalists, publishers, doctors, dentists, schools, universities and others that might help spread your propaganda with your information.


#6: Distract

If the public seems to become concerned about a consequence of your agenda, distract the attention by putting forward research that either invalidates their concern or points to something even more concerning that is unrelated to your business.


#7: Appear to be part of the solution: create connections

Generously fund university research, collaborate with public institutes and organisations and let the world know you are part of the solution. Once you are seen as seriously invested into solving the problem, inject your own people in positions of importance. The first step is to establish trust, the idea that you care about the public interest and you put your money where your mouth is through funding. The second step is to make sure you have a major say in decisions made concerning your agenda.


#8: Create government dependency

Make sure the government depends on you financially through revenue generated by taxation of your product and investments. That way it becomes unappealing for the government to push for regulations that might harm your business.


#9: Seek allies

Make sure that businesses that also face potential scrutiny are aware that if you get regulated, they might be next! This strategy is beautiful, it touches on the ideology of individual freedom and neo-liberalism and is extremely easy to combine with strategy #6, distracting the public with for instance another threat to their freedom such as communism or terrorism.


#10: Play the anti-progress card

Those looking to stop you in your tracks because your business harms the public can easily be portrayed as being anti-progress, anti-technology or anti-science. In capitalist societies those labels are harmfull, as progress, technology and science are the holy trinity of economic growth.